Tire Patch

Has your car developed a flat tire? Are you looking for a roadside tire service? If yes, partner with Zeke's Tire Service. With us, you will never be stranded due to a puncture. We are a distinguished company known for our first-class tire solutions. In the many years, we have been in this trade, we have acquired some impressive skills, and we use our knowledge to give our clients a smooth driving experience. Whether you need a tire patch or replacement, we can get it done. We proudly serve Salinas, CA and other surrounding towns such as Castroville, Monterey, Green Field, and Chualar.

Sometimes, your wheels may develop a puncture at an inconvenient place or time. When you face such a frustrating situation, it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at one spot for hours and lose your precious time. Zeke's Tire Service has assembled a team of specialists who come to your rescue immediately. With our roadside tire service, you can always have peace of mind. Here, we come with a fully equipped vehicle and perform the work on the roadside. If it is a tire change, we can get it done, and for a puncture, we can do a tire patch and get you back on the road.

All our methods and techniques have been tested and proven to be safe therefore you can always depend on us. Whether it’s a minor task or a complex tire service, we can get it done. Our crew members have undergone a rigorous training program, and we have the best work formula. We also have a tire shop where you can check in and get a tire inspection, rotation, balancing, and new installation. We are friendly, good in communication, and dependable. If you are looking for an emergency tire expert in Salinas, CA and other close by suburbs including Castroville, Monterey, Green Field, and Chualar, call Zeke's Tire Service now!